Make sure your next hire has the drive and motivation to be productive for your business by having them take an IT Services pre-employment assessment.

Technology Firms Pre-Employment Assessment

Don’t make hiring any more difficult than it needs to be.

Using an IT Services pre-employment assessment can provide you with a snapshot of a candidate to help you make a calculated hiring decision. An IT Services pre-employment assessment gives you the ability to understand a candidate before offering the job to make sure this hire is the right fit for your workplace.

Just like good software in the tech industry, the results of our behavioral assessments are resistant to faking and ensure accurate results. Ensure you’re getting the talent you need to meet your goals with TalentScan.

Assessment Types

An IT services pre-employment assessment provides insight for a number of different roles in your technology firm to give you the data to hire more efficiently.
individual contributor
Individual Contributor

Does this tech employee work well with others and on their own? Do they meet or exceed expectations in productivity and attention to detail?

culture fit
Culture Fit

The tech field can be stressful. Find out if this employee fits with the essential benchmarks that are important to your business to make an informed decision.


Get insight into whether this sales-minded individual in the tech field has the proper knowledge to understand a customer’s needs and the skills to recommend viable solutions.


Get a picture of a candidate’s leadership potential prior to a hiring decision. Do they possess a high drive to lead and help others? Can they prioritize and delegate tasks?

What Do Our Assessments Measure?

Why guess if your potential hire has the qualities you’re looking for when you can let the results speak for themselves? Our assessments measure:
  • The characteristics of an employee and their motivational qualities.
  • Employee work ethic to ensure success on the job.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships essential to achieving results.
  • Their ability to provide support to team members whenever it’s needed.
  • Ability to influence in the right manner to be successful.
  • The factors in making quality decisions that lead to business success.
TalentScan Analytics Dashboard

Benefits to Technology Firms

An employee in the technology field needs to be knowledgeable, a self-starter, and highly motivated to get things done.
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Find Highly Motivated Individuals

Find the motivating factors in your talent that drive the success of their own careers and your business with an IT Services pre-employment assessment.


Organizational Fit

Reduce costs and turnover by determining before hiring whether this person is the right fit with the unique qualities of your technology firm.


Relationships Are Critical

Building and maintaining relationships in the fast-moving tech field can prove to be difficult, so assessing a candidate’s capabilities is a necessity.


Intelligent Hiring

A resume and interview can only give you so much insight about a person. TalentScan is here to offer a better understanding of your candidate.

Through a series of questions, TalentScan is able to assist in giving you an overall picture of how a potential hire will behave in the workplace.


Employee Development

The instant downloadable results you will receive once an assessment is done can point you in the direction of where a person needs to improve.

TalentScan’s benchmark for success shows you in what areas an employee may need additional development to maximize their potential in the organization.