Send out a behavioral assessment to see if your next manufacturing hire has a strong work ethic, good interpersonal skills, and more.

Manufacturing Pre-Employment Assessment

Take the stress and guesswork out of the hiring process by using a behavioral assessment to get a true overall view of how a person may behave in the workplace.

What better way to support the fact that a candidate is a good fit than to back it up with behavioral analytics? A manufacturing pre-employment assessment can be the answer you’re looking for to help reduce turnover by knowing the assessment gives you insight and analytics to back your decision.

Don’t wait to get results when TalentScan offers instant, downloadable reports so you can begin evaluating the talent as soon as the assessment is completed. Put the power of our manufacturing pre-employment assessments to work for your organization.

Assessment Types

We offer behavioral assessments that cover a number of different areas in your manufacturing organization to provide you with a picture of a person’s potential.
individual contributor

Learn how a potential manufacturing employee works individually and with others toward the common goal of efficient production.

culture fit
Culture Fit

The fit of your new employee with your organization is critical to success. An assessment lets you know if they have the qualities needed to be successful.


A salesperson in a manufacturing environment needs to be able to solve problems for your customers. Let the pre-employment assessment give you confidence in this area before hiring.


A snapshot of a manufacturing candidate can indicate whether they possess the qualities of a leader. Can they motivate the team? Can they get results through others? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

What Do Our Assessments Measure?

Why guess if your potential hire has the qualities you’re looking for when you can let the results speak for themselves? Our assessments measure:
  • The characteristics of an employee and their motivational qualities.
  • Employee work ethic to ensure success on the job.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships essential to achieving results.
  • Their ability to provide support to team members whenever it’s needed.
  • Ability to influence in the right manner to be successful.
  • The factors in making quality decisions that lead to business success.
TalentScan Analytics Dashboard

Benefits to Manufacturing Organizations

An employee in the manufacturing field needs to work hard and be able to problem solve to ensure production is moving along at a steady rate.

Determine Productivity

Gain insight into how motivated this person is to be productive both as an individual and as part of a team in the manufacturing industry.


Find Leadership

Find the talent that can lead and motivate by using a pre-employment assessment to determine if they can inspire, delegate, and hold people accountable.

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Assess Support

Determine if this candidate can provide the support coworkers and the company needs to achieve the goals of the business.


Intelligent Hiring

A resume and interview can only give you so much insight about a person. TalentScan is here to offer a better understanding of your candidate.

Through a series of questions, TalentScan is able to assist in giving you an overall picture of how a potential hire will behave in the workplace.


Employee Development

The instant downloadable results you will receive once an assessment is done can point you in the direction of where a person needs to improve.

TalentScan’s benchmark for success shows you in what areas an employee may need additional development to maximize their potential in the organization.