Pre-Employment Assessment

Hiring someone new is a big deal to your company. You want to make sure they are not only hardworking but also the right fit. Our pre-employment assessments can help you do just that.

TalentScan pre-employment assessments serve four industries to make sure the person you are getting matches the workplace behaviors you are looking for.

legal pre employment assessment


The legal services industry requires candidates that are reliable and trustworthy. You want someone who can work well alone and with others.

Financial Services

An ideal candidate in the financial services industry is someone that has the ability to build and maintain strong relationships for your organization.

financial services pre employment assessment
manufacturing pre-employment assessment


When adding a team member in the manufacturing industry you want someone who is hardworking and can quickly and effectively solve problems.


And, when looking for the right IT Services candidate you’ll want to know that they have the drive and motivation to be productive for your company.

IT Services pre employment assessment