Explore TalentScan Features

TalentScan comes with a full suite of standard and premium features and services to provide you with the support you need to make a great hire. Users will have access to the following.


Unlimited TalentScans

Assess all job candidates as well as measure employee development with no additional costs.


Instant Results

You will be notified immediately when your assessment results are available for your review.


Developmental Suggestions

Based on assessment results, we provide insight into coaching and development opportunities to enhance performance.

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Compare Participants

Easily compare participant behaviors to make sure you hire the right person the first time.


Overall Score

One simple score represents a participant’s overall match to your chosen behavioral profile.


Follow-up Questions

TalentScan provides targeted follow-up questions based on measured behaviors, giving you the tools to be a more valuable interviewer.



Data-driven insight into participant gender and racial diversity, turnover, and overall participant quality.


Remote and Onsite Testing

Participants can initiate testing from their invitation email or by entering an easily distributed participant code, giving you the flexibility of onsite proctored assessments.


Online Report Storage

Easily review the results of past participants, job descriptions, and resumes online from a secured database.



TalentScan can become an extension of your brand. Display your logo, color scheme, and branded URL to make TalentScan your own.


GDPR Compliant

TalentScan is fully GDPR compliant and will notify you should a participant opt-out.

Overview of Premium Features and Services

Third Party Integrations

TalentScan integrates with Taleo Business Edition and JobVite and also offers a secure API that you can develop.

web hooks
Web Hooks

TalentScan can actively notify your back-office systems when selected events have occurred such as a participant completing their assessment.

Premium Assessments

Our staff psychologists will work with you to determine the ideal behaviors for your business needs, review participant results, interview candidates and provide you a custom analysis of our findings.

Learn More About TalentScan

Our assessments measure the characteristics of an employee from their motivation and work ethic to the factors in making quality decisions that lead to business success. The features provided by TalentScan enable you to make a great hiring decision.

You can learn how our assessments work here.


Intelligent Hiring

A resume and interview can only give you so much insight about a person. TalentScan is here to offer a better understanding of your candidate.

Through a series of questions, TalentScan is able to assist in giving you an overall picture of how a potential hire will behave in the workplace.


Employee Development

The instant downloadable results you will receive once an assessment is done can point you in the direction of where a person needs to improve.

TalentScan’s benchmark for success shows you in what areas an employee may need additional development to maximize their potential in the organization.