5 Strategies to Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

5 Strategies to Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

The employees you recruit and retain have the most impact on your long-term performance, especially as you move and grow. Promote your company as an ideal workplace where top talent can do great work.

Below are strategies you can use to make your company a place your top performers will never want to leave.


1. Have positive employer branding

A positive employer brand is determined by how well-known your business is, how much interaction your content receives, how strong of a work culture you have, how much interest your job postings generate, and how well you retain new hires. A strong employer brand will make your employees proud that they are a part of the organization and will help retain quality talent.

2. Assess new employees

When looking to bring in a new employee, you may wonder if — beyond their resume — they’re the right fit for your organization. Take the guesswork out by using a pre-employment assessment from TalentScan, to give you the insight you need to make a calculated decision for your workplace. Don’t leave hiring to chance, gain a deeper understanding of your candidates and even current employees. With TalentScan, you get the data before hiring that shows how the candidate will perform and fit in with your organization for the long-term. Behavioral-based analytics back up your new hire, reduce turnover in the workplace, and can offer insight on how to develop people.

3. Set clear expectations and empower employees

Establish ambitious, yet feasible expectations for your employees. Hardworking, talented employees want to work with their colleagues to achieve great things, do this through defined milestones and assessments. Once your employees know exactly what will be expected of them, make sure to keep track of their progress and empower them to achieve those goals. Give them the tools they need to thrive in their role, whether it is technology, training or communication.

4. Offer opportunities for professional development

Keep your employees updated, and make sure they’re fully aware of the different coaching programs, training, and education options available to them. Encourage your employees to take advantage of these development opportunities by showing the benefits of each option. The future of your organization will depend on the people you have to move it forward. If you want to strengthen your talent, the best way to do this is with employee coaching customized to aid individuals in understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and the impact they have on the workplace.

5. Engage with employee feedback

Communication is the key to solving most work-related issues or frustrations. Create channels for honest, specific feedback from and to your employees. Negative criticism can kill motivation in even the most productive of workers. Take advantage of ways to provide praise and constructive criticism in a direct and honest way. You can also provide digital spaces like employee communities or chats to allow workers to come together and solve issues.


Companies thrive when they’re able to recruit and retain talent who quickly adopt leadership roles and are proud to work for you. Strong companies that attract passionate and talented employees don’t happen overnight, you need to constantly work at it to be successful.