About TalentScan

When looking to bring in a new employee, you may wonder if — beyond their resume — they’re the right fit for your organization.

This is where a behavioral assessment can, through a series of choices, offer this type of detailed analysis. Take the guesswork out by using a pre-employment assessment by TalentScan to give you the insight you need to make a calculated decision for your workplace.

With TalentScan, you can do just that. Behavioral-based analytics back up your new hire, reduce turnover in the workplace, and can offer insight on how to develop people.

Sending out, and receiving completed assessments is all done via email, and once the assessment is complete, the easy-to-understand results are immediately available for your review. The hiring process has never been simpler.

Don’t leave hiring to chance — with TalentScan, you can gain a deeper understanding of your candidates and even current employees. Learn everything from how they’ll work with others to how well they match the attributes of your organization, and put those unique insights to work to build a stronger, high-performing team.

TalentScan Analytics Dashboard

Gain Deep Understanding

Gain confidence in your hire by using the clear and easy-to-read data from the assessment to analyze fit, assess qualifications, and understand behavior.

With TalentScan, you get the data before hiring that shows how the candidate will perform and fit in with your organization for the long-term.


Intelligent Hiring

A resume and interview can only give you so much insight about a person. TalentScan is here to offer a better understanding of your candidate.

Through a series of questions, TalentScan is able to assist in giving you an overall picture of how a potential hire will behave in the workplace.


Employee Development

The instant downloadable results you will receive once an assessment is done can point you in the direction of where a person needs to improve.

TalentScan’s benchmark for success shows you in what areas an employee may need additional development to maximize their potential in the organization.