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Why Our Behavioral Employee Assessments Work

TalentScan employee assessments are an effective way to gain insight into how your future and current employees will act on the job. The employee assessment will identify behavioral tendencies that will help you better understand a person to make calculated decisions in the workplace.

Immediate Results

TalentScan will notify you the moment results are available for your review.


Candidate Suggestions

Our assessments provide interview questions and developmental support.


Behavior-Based Analytics

Understand a person’s likely behaviors to know who they are and to reduce turnover.


Clear, Actionable Insights

Understanding a person’s overall score and results couldn’t be easier.


Accurate Results

Our employee assessments eliminate any possibility of candidates faking results.

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Multiple Assessment Options

There are assessment options for various roles in your organization.

TalentScan Analytics Dashboard

Gain Deep Understanding

Gain confidence in the hiring process by using the clear and easy-to-read data from the assessment to analyze fit, assess qualifications, and understand behavior.

With TalentScan, you get the data before hiring that shows how the candidate will perform and fit in with your organization for the long-term.

How Our Employee Assessments Work

Through a series of choices, our behavioral assessments can give you a detailed analysis of how an employee may act or respond to situations in the workplace. This can help you identify varying behaviors to better coach or place your talent.

Choose Assessment

Select an assessment to send to the person to be evaluated.

Send the Invite

Invite, or remind, talent to take your assessment.

Get the Results

Once the assessment is completed, you will be notified that your results are available.


Intelligent Hiring

A resume and interview can only give you so much insight about a person. TalentScan is here to offer a better understanding of your candidate.

Through a series of questions, TalentScan is able to assist in giving you an overall picture of how a potential hire will behave in the workplace.


Employee Development

The instant downloadable results you will receive once an assessment is done can point you in the direction of where a person needs to improve.

TalentScan’s benchmark for success shows you in what areas an employee may need additional development to maximize their potential in the organization.